Roger L. DeHaan

Also Recipient of: 
  *  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  *  Certified Animal Chiropractor
  *  Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner (VOM)
  *  Master of Theological Studies 
  *  Certified Natural Health Practitioner and more.

CARING HOLISTIC SERVICES is a philosophy which tries to grasp the whole picture and come up with a safe and caring solution which is preventative in nature and is best for the health and welfare of your companion animal as a sacred trust.

Our services have many unique aspects that beneficiaries will not find in a drug-oriented practice. Our emphasis is on natural remedies, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, emotional remedies, prayer and much more.
Many people are searching for this type of service, therefore it is only fair to bring it to your attention. Let us help you set up a "Personal Health Program" by an individual phone consultation or a visit to our facility.

Unique Services available:

  1. "Pet Wellness Program" to help keep your pet healthy from weaning through the geriatric years.
  2. Dietary recommendations for pets with chronic heart, liver, and kidney failure; arthritis, allergies and immune disorders.
  3. Full line of supplements, herbals, homeopathics and glandulars, lasers and biomagnetic pads. - all of superior quality
  4. Applied Kinesiology diagnostics (AK) and Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) using non invasive trigger points to help discover physical as well as emotional and stress related imbalances and remedies.
  5. Rapid Induction Desensitization (R.I.D.) by laser and homeopathics (applicable for many types of allergies).
  6. Acupuncture, Aguapuncture, massage and several CHIROPRACTIC techniques including Logan Basic, Cranial Manipulation, Activator, VOM (Veterinary Osteopathic Manipulation) and laser points. - These techniques balance the brain and nervous system
  7. Bio-magnetics and "Magnetic mattress pad" therapy. – useful for pain and inflammation reduction.
  8. Hair Mineral Analysis as well as blood and urine analysis with interpretation of results from a holistic and nutritional viewpoint.
  9. PHONE CONSULTATIONS for those at a distance.
  10. Prolotherapy to stimulate natural repair of damaged hips and joints from ligament and connective tissue degeneration. This includes hip dysplasia, ACL damage, lumbo sacral arthritic degeneration and more.

CARING HOLISTIC SERVICES offers a unique and safe approach to pet health care. The soft touch, home environment and spiritual orientation of our practice seem to assure even the apprehensive pet that their welfare is our concern. CALL our office for a phone or facility visit, and take advantage of 45 years of caring holistic experience if you believe we can be helpful.

Dr. DeHaan treats the balancing and calming points of a Dalmatian with a class II cold laser.

Roger DeHaan
D.V.M., M.T.S., C.V.C., C.N.H.P.

Dr. Roger DeHaan had an intense interest in nutrition and health since childhood on an organic farm. He spent twelve years doing agricultural, educational and veterinary mission work in the jungles of South America. These experiences stimulated DeHaan to study and learn advanced courses in Applied Kinesiology, herbology, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, glandulars, healing touch and other traditional and spiritual holistic healing modalities. As the founder and owner of CARING HOLISTIC SERVICES in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Dr. DeHaan has authored numerous articles on health subjects in professional and pet magazines. He has also authored 3 books emphasizing his deep beliefs and answers at the scientific and spiritual levels of our amazing planet:

  1. We Don't Die: We Kill Ourselves: Our Foods are Killing Us!
  2. CREATION MANDATE: HEALING for People, Pets, Plants & the Planet.
  3. CREATION CARE: The TRUTH about "Living Green" and Healing Our Planet.

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