Following are 5 books authored and/or compiled by Dr. DeHaan

1. Natural Care of Pets
by Roger L DeHaan,

Dr. DeHaan is a veterinarian, author and ordained minister with 45 years experience in Natural Pet Care. He has a wide exposure to Natural Care including Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Laser and Pet Nutrition as well as other aspects of mankind's sacred responsibility as caretaker of our Creation. He is a frequent Conference Speaker, and author of the following books, available by mail.

Original Book
(pink cover)
1) The "Nutritional Wheel"--Understanding Nutrition. 2) "Home Cooking for Pets." 3) "Crisis Feeding" in emergencies. 4) A Wholistic Approach to Health. 5) What is Acupuncture??? 6) Acupuncture and Arthritis. 7) Applied Kinesiology in Animal Health. 8) Animal Chiropractic. 9) Magnetic Fields in Pet Health. 10) Homeopathic Medicine for Pets. 11) Herbal Medicine & Pet Health. 12)Why do Herbs Work??? 13) Home Remedies for Pets. 14) Keep your pets healthy with N.S.P. Herbs. 15) Parasite Prevention. 16) Tooth care & Preventative Dentistry. 17) Skin Problems from a holistic viewpoint. 18) "Food Allergies" 19) Oops--My Pet is Overweight!!! 20) Holistic Approach to "Flea Control" 21) "Cats are Unique!" 22) Catalyzed Altered Water (Willard Water). 23) What is Wholistic Veterinary Care? 24) Pet Wellness Program" 25) Phone Consultation Policy 26) "Healing Nature's Way" -- Newspaper article.


white cover)--additional subjects
1) The Missing Ingredient: Food Enzymes 2) "Activated Charcoal" for Emergencies 3) Hot and Cold Water Treatments for Pets. 4)Stress and Illness--alleviating stress. 5) Genetics or Nutrition? 6) Chronic Environment Illness in pets. 7) A Cancer Theory. 8) Minerals and Mineral Analysis. 9) Bach Flowers--when to use. 10) Making Wise Diet-Change Decisions. 11) The "Myth" of 100% Complete Pet use. 12) Making the Medicine Go Down! 13) Puppy Sense--your new puppy.

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OTHER BOOKS AVAILABLE by Dr. De Haan, approximately 300 compelling and powerful pages each.  Church, school and home study supplements will be available soon.  2. We Don’t Die:  We Kill Ourselves, Our Foods are Killing Us
3. CREATION MANDATE:  Healing for Pets, People, Plants & the Planet.
4. CREATION CARE:  The TRUTH about “Living Green” and Healing our Planet.

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New Vaccination Protocols & Vaccination Information Pack
This is a revolutionary 50 + page summary and compilation of new and current thinking on pet vaccinations. It includes the benefits and potential problems of vaccinations, over-vaccination, "vaccinosis" and "shot-gun multiple vaccinations". Ten articles cover the pro's and con's to help the owner make a better informed decision. It includes personal suggestions and conclusions. Note that some breeds are more genetically "at risk" to acute and chronic vaccine reactions. As you will see, there is widespread questioning concerning the safety and validity of the past indiscriminate vaccination protocols. Yet most authors see the validity of a few wisely given vaccinations during the first year of life.

1) New vaccination protocols. 2) Recommendations by the International Veterinary Vaccine Conference. 3) Current and Future vaccine programs. 4) AAFP approves new three-year feline vaccine protocols. 5) Rethinking Canine Vaccinations. 6) Vaccination and Immunosuppression. 7) United Kingdom Canine Vaccination Survey. 8) Pet Vaccination myths. 9) A Discussion of vaccinations in Feline Boarding. 10) Bumps on the Vaccine Road.

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