Roger L. DeHaan

Also Recipient of: 
  *  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  *  Certified Animal Chiropractor
  *  Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner (VOM)
  *  Master of Theological Studies 
  *  Certified Natural Health Practitioner and more.

Our interest is in natural solutions as a sacred trust. We have been trained in Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Enzymes, Applied Kinesiology, Bio-magnetic Therapy, Behavior Therapy, emotional balancing, touch therapy, laying on of hands and more. By using natural herbs, homeopathics, glandulars, and nutrition--and by balancing body chemistry-- most illnesses will improve according the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God".

Phone Consultations are a vital part of our holistic service--a "visit by phone" for those at a distance. The purpose is to discuss and share information which can positively impact every level of creation from a nutritional, emotional and sacred caregiver standpoint. As discussed below, blood tests and other information can be interpreted from a "nutritional" and preventative" viewpoint. Call us if you believe we can be of help.


  • $45 up to first 20 minutes
  • $10 for each additional 10 minutes
    Usual donation is by check, money order or credit card

Phone/Fax 704-734-0061
to set up a phone appointment***

***Please FIRST review Further Explanation plus sign Services/Participant Application below:



You may FAX a copy of lab tests, history and/or notes prior to consultation with a cover letter. Consultation donations include time studying that information (average $25 for first 2-3 pages; then pro-rated for time to review and study prior to scheduled Phone Consultation), so that we might discuss all relevant information and come up with a plan for natural therapies, supplements, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies, enzyme supplements, herbal remedies, massage or magnetic therapy, emotional flower remedies, touch therapy etc. All of these can be safely applied at home in addition to and with any concurrent treatments by your local veterinarian; in fact, in our experience, many traditional veterinarians are open and glad for additional insights and help even when they are not themselves trained in them. Note that most pets will respond positively to a careful and caring home treatment with proper guidance. It is our burden to give you this help if that is your decision.

Please review and send in a copy of the required Explanation & Application Form prior to your phone consultation. Click HERE to open and save or print the PDF document.

If you need a copy of the adobe reader application, click Get Adobe